How to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway and Patio

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Homeowners prefer concrete driveways because it’s durable and versatile at the same time. It’s also low maintenance so you don’t have to put much effort in maintaining its appearance. We cannot say it’s maintenance-free, but it’s definitely has lesser maintenance compare to other materials. In this article, we will give you tips on how to maintain your patio and driveway. You can hire contractors of stamped concrete patios Kansas City or do the maintenance routine yourself.  

Concrete Driveway

Clean and Reapply Sealer 

You can maintain the appearance of the concrete driveway and patio by cleaning it occasionally, especially of you notice that it’s already building-up dust and grime. You also have to reseal it as needed so it will look like it’s still fresh and new. In general, the concrete driveway needs to be resealed every two years or when it’s already showing wear. You can buy the commercial sealer from hardware stores or concrete material supplier. Read the instructions on how to apply the sealer before you do so.  

Immediately Remove the Stains 

The application of the sealer will help you protect from the absorption of the stain. Even though that’s the case, you will have to remove gasoline, oil, spills and other grease as soon as possible. You can use certain cleaning chemicals and a pressure washer to remove the stains on the concrete surface.  

Avoid Deicing Chemicals 

Don’t use deicing chemicals on your concrete surfaces, especially during the winter. This will cause the surface to spall and scale once the chemicals force the moisture to thaw and refreeze. The products that contain ammonium sulphates and ammonium nitrates will attach the concrete. If you ever need something for the traction, you can use the sand.  

Prevent the Cracks 

The concrete surface is prone to cracking because of harsh weather conditions, especially if you don’t take care of it well. To prevent such cracks, apply sealing concrete annually. The roots of the tree can also cause the surface to crack, so trim the nearby roots so they can’t push up from underneath.  

Fill Cracks 

Cracks and holes are inevitable, no matter how you stayed safe. So if you see one, patch it immediately. Before you apply crack filler and patching compound, make sure you remove all the loose materials and brush them off. Making sure that the surface is level will prevent tripping hazards from happening. This means you will have a safer home.  

Minimize Water 

Water penetration is one of the top reasons why a concrete surface is damaged. To avoid such penetration, clear a 3-inch strip around the driveway’s edges so the water and snow will have their runoff area and that should be away from the surface. The downspouts should also be directed into the yard and not into the driveway or patio.  

Plow Carefully 

Another cause of concrete surface damage is improper plowing. When you plow, raise the blade of the plow so it doesn’t damage and scrape the surface of the driveway. If there are uneven surfaces already, use a plastic shovel.  

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